Green FabLab

Towards a distributed and local plastic recycling for OS 3D printing

Fabio A. Cruz Sanchez

Équipe de Recherche sur les Processus Innovatifs (ERPI)
Laboratoire Réactions et Génie des Procédés (LRGP)

The Challengue:
Reduction of Landfill

  • Production Production (2015):
    • World: 322 Mt/year
    • Europe: 58 Mt/year (18.5%)
  • Plastic Wastes (2015): 25.8 million tonnes

Source: Plastics Europe

Plastics waste is a key resource towards circular economy

17 Goals to transform our world

Goal 12: Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patters
  • “ The value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible...”
  • Rethinking products and services using principles based on:
    • durability
    • renewability
    • reuse
    • repair
    • replacement
    • upgrades
    • refurbishment
    • reduced material use

  • Circular Economy Action Plan
    • Production
    • Consumption
    • Waste management
    • From waste to resources
    • Strategy for Plastics
      • Secondary raw materials
      • Quality standards for Second raw materials?
      • Clarification of "Waste"..
      • Legislation..
Paradigm change:
from linear economic model ('take-make-dispose') to Circular

The Opportunity:
Open Source (OS) 3D Printing

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Commercial Open Source
Principle CAD + GCode + Printing CAD + GCode + Printing
Cost Expensive (5.000€ - 800€K) Low-cost (Under $5000)
Methodology Closed Design (Patented) Open design
Printer Standardized Personalized
Quality: Assured by company. Complex?

  • Expiration of patents (FDM patent in 2009)
  • Internet facilities
  • Common-Based Peer Production (Kostakis and Papachristou 2014)

The Way:
(OS) 3DP at the FabLab context

What is a FabLab?

A fab lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication.

  • Space to make (almost) anything responding to a local need
  • Social dynamics of cooperation, collaboration
  • Local and global impact thanks to share information through the network

Democratization tools for personal expression!

La vision de notre research...

To propose a sustainable waste management option for plastic waste using the open-source additive manufacturing, in the context of prototyping spaces.

Nevertheless, many issues have to be solved to achieve the Green FabLab vision

Our current challengues

  1. How can we evaluate the technical feasability to recycle plastic for 3D printing technology?

  2. How can we establish a logistic model to collect the plastic for the FabLab?

let's work together for a greener world with the 3D printing...

Fabio A. Cruz Sanchez

Équipe de Recherche sur les Processus Innovatifs (ERPI)
Laboratoire Réactions et Génie des Procédés (LRGP)