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The Lorraine Fab Living Lab® (LF2L®) is a research platform of the ERPI Laboratory dedicated to the prospective assessment of innovative usages. It supports the creation and achievement of results through an established process based on the usage paradigm bringing together in the same space complementary advanced tools. The originality of the LF2L® is to be able to welcome, support and associate different communities (citizen users, entrepreneurs, researchers, etc.) using a conceptual framework of LF2L taking into consideration the 2D (concept), 3D (object), 4D (evolution scenarios) approaches involving the different type of stakeholders in order to have a foresight usage evaluation of a new concept, technology or project. This approach is useful to accelerate the deployment of industrial or urban demonstrators.




Podcast about the LF2L in France Blue Lorraine

July 3, 2019

Interview [in french]: At the heart of innovation in Lorraine - by Damien Colombo of France Bleu Lorraine

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NITIM Summer School 2019 in Nice 13th-15th June

June 11, 2019

The NITIM Graduate Summer School is an international PhD school that focuses on topics in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology management as well as information and communication technologies. This Summer School is organized once a year in cooperation with the ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference and thus takes place at changing locations – e.g. 2016 in Trondheim (Norway), 2017 in Madeira (Portugal) and 2018 in Konstanz (Germany). In 2019, it will be held in Nice, France.

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L’évaluation au‐delà de la donnée - Conference Jean-Pierre Micaëlli

May 21, 2019

Jean-Pierre Micaëlli is assistant-professor of industrial management at IAE-Lyon School of Management (University of Lyon, France). His research concerns performance management in design and systems engineering. He has published five books and 20 articles in international journals. His research areas are in the automotive and capital goods sectors.

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